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Friday, 16 October 2015

Doña Erudita del Maldiciòn de la Broma de la Puta-madré

Notas Biograficales:- Doña Erudita was born  from the union of a leprous whore and a floating saint, San Ernesto de Puta-madré.  On that accursed wedding day, the whore’s own father repaired to the village outhouse, dowsed himself in tequila and set himself on fire.  All that was left of him was a pair of purple glass eye-lids, handed down to him from a famous glass-maker and optical prosthetist from Seville.  Little Erudita was born into the hands of her father some fourteen months later, after a prolonged pregnancy.  Indeed, the local midwife had claimed that she had heard the infant speaking Castilian from inside her mother’s rabid womb.  At the age of three years, the little girl started writing poetry, which she said she heard when she put her head inside the stone holy water font at the church of St Alfonsina del Mar.  In later years, when a fireworks accident (an exploding iguana) caused Erudita to become stone deaf, she started deriving her poemas from the patterns that the geckos drew with their slime on the steps of the Jardin Botanicál de Rey in  Xoacotquetloaxcs.  On being deposed as a saint, Ernesto emigrated to the Antipodean backwater known as The Mallee, where, with three black pigs named Chancho, Tocino and Chorizo, he set up a lucrative magic mushroom-hunting business.


Sunday, 26 April 2015

Animal Soul


How beautiful are our animals:

my feet pummelling your sweet hind;

your thighs astraddle my ankle.

How innocent and beautiful - my hand

lathering between your peach-cheeks,

bending my face close to sandlewood soap

your scribbled shins.

It is not sin.

It is merely terrifying.

It is terrifying to know each other

naked as dumb animals;

mute and swollen with animal soul.

No longer is this mellow drama for

my climax or your syntax.

It is the rugged theatre of the primates;

it is the ritual at the rough conception of all others.

It is the world’s first terrible sacrament.