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Tuesday, 20 August 2013


A bedroom full of seagulls,

and my reclining nude

is a white gull

with a broken wing.


A room full of white,

and the white breast of the woman

looks like a disjointed pinion.

- It is the Jaegermeister painting, I told him…


..and it was the truth-

the background colours:

Tarkovsky green and a deep scarlet-orange

both taken from the label and the glass.


That was a day to remember,

when I showed him the bottle.

He climbed onto the bench

to reach for shot glasses


I squeezed his tiny arse cheeks,

and the smallness of them

nearly broke my heart.

That was the day, alright.


Afterwards, I felt like 100% Irish linen

and crocheted lace.

I felt like my initial was embroidered

in my corner.


I felt blessed, cleansed,

starched, ironed,

folded and put away

with dried rose petals.


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