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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Discarded words...

1. I saw you arrive.
you were running late.
I knew you in the Cubist refraction
in the glass door.
2. Under a paperweight sky,
the sound of a passing car
on the road.
3. She'd rather be caught by the wild hound of Pluto than the speculative spaniel of Plato...(The First Lady Chatterley, DH Lawrence)
4. Eternity can't be an arrow shot in a straight line that never falls to earth;
an arrow that never falls to earth circles and returns...
5. I can love my green, underwater world and it doesn't have to love me back;
I can love the shade of the walnut tree, the crunch of dry summer leaves under my feet...
6. Those slurping, salivating drools on the driveway, on the roof;
wherever were you when the pairs were made up?
And where was Noah, when the animals walked, two by two?
7. The sea-salt assault- the cold cold cold...
8. I can't remember the words for the sea- for the way the sea envelopes me...
9. Oh God! I repeat, when the sea, glass-green...
10. I feel so afraid today:
afraid of the vinyl sound of cars intent on sealing shut the wet roads;
afraid of the dark outside, of the emptiness inside.
Afraid. Afraid.
11. My skin burns with uncertainties.
Even the night whines, searching for blood.
12. I have read the last page;
I know how it turns out.
13. You make me pre-Cambrian...
with you, I am mitochondria, I am diatom, I am
a primitive life-form.
14. So busy in this empty house full of voices...
The emptiness jostles 'round me like a rubber crowd;
the silence shouts right in my ear.
15. I caught sadness like a cold, and it knocked me flat
for a week...
I caught the Common Sadness, and it sent me to bed...
16. So tired, so tired of me at the centre.
Why not that glazed pot? Why not that cats'-eye marble?


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